Sometimes I am sitting silently and thinking…and sewing.
Is good therapy.
Today I started to sew two big bag and two small handbags. I enjoy doing something different.
And I admire girls which can sew with there children.
It is not something I can do as my children are so young.
I do not have a lot of time how I wish ( or need? ) 🙂
Only on my free time or at night.
Today make me so happy!
Long morning.
And after amazing news that. I have on the way my first personal label for my bags.
From my grand-uncle ant grand-ant.
And box of new materials for sewing came to my mum today.
Fanynka ( my daughter ) did not stop eating today and brought me paperweight with coloring sand which she made.
And my kittens are getting bigger.
Today was beautiful day.
Now is time for barbeque. :))
Obcas jen mlcim a premyslim..a siju 🙂
Je to dobra terapie.
Dnes jsem si rozesila dve velke kabely a k nim tyto male tasticky, abych mela trosku zmenu.
Obdivuji holky, co siji s detmi..tak to ja nedavam, takze toho casu neni tolik, kolik bych chtela ( potrebovala ?:) ) a tak po volnych chvilich a po nocich.
Dnesek mi ale udelal velikou radost!!!
Dlouhe rano.
Pak skvela zprava, ze mam na ceste sve prvni etiketky do tasek od meho prastryce a pratety. Pokud by jste meli zajem, vice o jejich praci tady.
A jeste balik novych latek, co dnes dorazily k mamce, ted uz jen preposlat ke me 🙂
Fanynka si ve skolce pridala obed a prinesla mi tezitko s barevnym piskem co sama vyrabela.
Kotatka zas vyrostla.
Bylo krasne.
A uz koncim..jdeme grilovat :)))